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Coloring pages of the movie The Little Prince

This movie is based on the novel of Antione de Saint-Exupéry a young girl who is dealing with her pushy Mother who wants her to grow up too fast. The Mother of the Little Girl wants her daughter to enroll in the prestigious Werth Academy. To ensure her daughter will pass the entrance exam, the Mother imposes on her a rigorous study schedule for the summer that leaves very little time for leisure. The Little Girl, however, becomes distracted by her next-door neighbor, a retired Aviator who, over the course of the summer, shares with her the story of a boy called "the Little Prince", whom he supposedly encountered in a desert when his plane crashed. The Mother is angered when she discovers their relationship as it is distracting her daughter from her important work, but the Little Girl keeps visiting the Aviator behind her Mother's back.

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